Drunk Man Falls to Death at Wrong Door

PITTSBURGH (CN) – A widow blames a bar for her husband’s death, claiming it pointed the drunk man toward a restroom, but he opened the wrong door and fell to his death.
     Judith Olivani sued Hallowed, Inc. dba Intermission Lounge, for the death of her husband, Gary.
     Olivani claims the Pittsburgh bar served her husband alcohol beyond the point at which he was “visibly intoxicated,” on April 19, 2012.
     At about 11 p.m., she says, her husband “needed to use the restroom, at which time he was directed to an area in the bar.”
     The lawsuit continues: “On or around the same date and time, plaintiff decedent proceeded to walk to the area where he was directed to use the restroom and when he opened the door to what he believed was the men’s room, he took one step and fell down steep, unmarked, unlit and unguarded stairs to the bottom. Plaintiff decedent sustained grievous injuries that resulted in his death when his head and body were caused to violently hit the concrete floor.”
     Olivani seeks damages for wrongful death and negligence.
     She is represented by Elizabeth Tarasi with Tarasi & Tarasi, in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.

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