Doobie Bros. Drop Suit Against Other Doobie

     SAN FRANCISCO – The Doobie Brothers this week voluntarily dismissed a lawsuit claiming a Northern California cover band illegally copied its trademark name.
     The Doobie Brothers and Doobro Entertainment Corporation sued Roger McNamee and Jason Crosby, who perform classic rock songs under the name Doobie Decibel System, last month.
     McNamee, who also plays in the band Moonalice, and Crosby, a guitarist and fiddle player who has performed with Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Dave Mathews and Bruce Springsteen, began using the Doobie Decimal System name in 2014, according to the lawsuit.
     Since first forming in 1969, the Doobie Brothers have sold more than 40 million albums and produced three multi-platinum, seven platinum and 14 gold albums. The Doobie Brothers also charted five top 10 singles and 16 top 40 hits.
     The July 26 complaint accused the defendant cover band members of acting “with willful intent to trade on the fame and reputation… or to deceive consumers with respect to the Doobie Marks.”
     The plaintiffs sought an accounting of profits made by McNamee and Crosby while using the Doobie name, an injunction to halt further alleged infringement and punitive damages.
     On Aug. 26, the Doobie Brothers filed notice that it was voluntarily dismissing the case without prejudice, leaving room to potentially re-file claims against the defendants in the future.
     McNamee and Crosby continue to perform under the Doobie Decibel System name. The band performed on Aug. 13 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and again at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley on Aug. 27. Doobie Decibel System has more shows scheduled on the East Coast in late September, according to their band website and Facebook page.
     The Doobie Brothers’ attorneys at Owen, Wickersham & Erickson did not answer multiple phone calls and emails requesting comment on why the lawsuit was dismissed.
     Requests for comment from the Doobie Brothers, Doobie Decibel System and Crosby also went unanswered.

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