Doctors Say U.S. Prisoners Were Tortured

     (CN) – Medical examinations of U.S. prisoners released from Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib show evidence of torture and other abuses, including war crimes, that seriously injured them and caused mental disorders, Physicians for Human Rights said in a report that appears to be the most thorough study yet of former U.S. prisoners held in Cuba and Iraq.

     Physicians for Human Rights said its study was based on medical examinations of 11 former prisoners. One prisoner at Abu Ghraib said he was subjected to electroshock three times and sodomized with a stick. Other prisoners said they were sexually abused, beaten, shackled, stripped, deprived of food and sleep, and spit upon and urinated on.
     Four of the unidentified prisoners were held at Guantanamo, seven at Abu Ghraib. All 11 were released without criminal charges, the Cambridge, Mass.-based human rights group said.
     The report is available on the Internet at

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