DJ Claims Rick Ross Had Him Beaten|For Revealing Rapper’s Past As Jail Guard

     MANHATTAN (CN) – A disc jockey claims hip-hop singer Rick Ross lured him to a meeting and had him viciously beaten, because the DJ had revealed that Ross, a so-called “gangsta” rapper, had worked as a jail guard. Vlad Lyubovny demands $2 million for permanent bodily injuries, plus punitive damages, in his federal lawsuit.

     The DJ says he suffered a corneal abrasion, three fractured bones in his face, and needed seven stitches near his eye after the Aug. 10 beating at the Ozone Awards at the Hilton Hotel in Houston.
     He claims Ross orchestrated the attack because “Ross, who painstakingly created his public persona to be that of a major drug dealer and ‘gangster,’ in reality is a former correctional officer. DJ Vlad, an established and respected member of the music community, hosts a hip-hop news website which commented upon these facts. With calculated planning, Rick Ross lured DJ Vlad to a meeting for the purpose of obtaining retribution. At that meeting, Rick Ross’ entourage of thugs carried out Rick Ross’ wishes in his presence and severely beat DJ Vlad causing permanent bodily injury.”
     Vlad says that in July, while reporting on Ross’ history as a jail guard, he posted on his Web site a photo of Ross in a correctional officer’s uniform. This so incensed Ross, Vlad claims, that the rapper sent him threatening emails, and called him on the telephone, about those Web postings.
     Shortly thereafter, the complaint states, Ross had at least four men beat Vlad on the second floor of the Hilton. Then, the complaint states, “Ross and Ross’ accomplices fled the scene together, while DJ Vlad lay on the ground bleeding profusely, during which time one of his attackers stated, ‘Yeah, mother f r, that’s what you get.'”
     DJ Vlad is represented by Brian Caplan with Caplan & Ross.

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