Disturbing Sex Complaint|Against W. Va. Sheriff

     ELKINS, W. Va. (CN) – A West Virginia sheriff raped a teenager and sodomized her with a cucumber, threatened to kill her if she told, and subjected at least five other women to forced sex, at least once in a courthouse, a woman claims in Federal Court.
     Brittany Mae Keene sued Barbour County Sheriff John Wesley Hawkins and the Barbour County Commission.
     She claims the county essentially let Hawkins conduct a reign of sexual terror against women in his custody.
     The lurid, 17-page complaint states: “The County Defendant had both actual and constructive notice of Hawkins’ individual tendencies toward the use of excessive force and violence including prior occasions, to-wit:
     “Female #1: Defendant Hawkins threatened to institute criminal charges against a female, approximately 18 years old, unless she performed oral sex on him, and the female unwillingly complied by performing oral sex on Defendant Hawkins in a bathroom located in the Barbour County Courthouse;
     “Female #2: Defendant Hawkins arrested female #2, approximately 16 years of age, and threatened to proceed forward with the prosecution unless the female performed oral sex on him and the female unwillingly performed oral sex on Defendant Hawkins in his police cruiser; Defendant Hawkins warned her to say nothing or he would hurt her;
     “Female #3: Defendant Hawkins forced female #3 to perform oral sex on him in exchange for drugs he obtained from the police evidence room;
     “Female #4: Defendant Hawkins, while in uniform, handcuffed a 19-year-old female in the barn at the Barbour County Fairgrounds, performed various sex acts on her against her will, and in addition, forced her to have sex with him in a closet at his office at the Barbour County Courthouse;
     “Female #5: Defendant Hawkins handcuffed female #5 at the Barbour County shooting range and performed various sex acts on her against her will; Defendant Hawkins told her to keep her mouth shut or he would kill her; thereby unnecessarily, wantonly, and deliberately exerting excessive force on the person of helpless detainees, which conduct was subsequently ratified and approved by the County Defendant.”
     In a footnote, omitted from the quotation above, the plaintiff says she will identify the five women if they agree to be identified.
     Then Keene describes what she says Hawkins did to her:
     “During late July or early August of 2011, Defendant Hawkins began communicating with plaintiff, who was under the age of 18, on the social media site Facebook.
     “Plaintiff sought employment at the 911 communications center and Defendant Hawkins was provided with a copy of plaintiff’s resume, which included plaintiff’s date of birth and cell phone number.
     “During late July/early August of 2011, Defendant Hawkins began texting plaintiff and made arrangements to meet her during the late evening hours, after plaintiff finished working at the Shop & Save in Barbour County, WV, under the pretext of interviewing plaintiff for the 911 job. Defendant Hawkins met with plaintiff at the Haven of Hope Church parking lot and instructed plaintiff to enter his county-owned vehicle. Defendant Hawkins was wearing his uniform, as well as his county-issued firearm.
     “Defendant Hawkins proceeded to drive with plaintiff to a camper owned by the County Defendant and located at the Barbour County Fairgrounds in Barbour County, WV. He explained to plaintiff that he needed to interview plaintiff at a private location where they would not be seen so that people would not get the wrong idea.
     “After entering the camper, Defendant Hawkins proceeded to provide plaintiff with an alcoholic beverage and instructed her to drink it. Defendant Hawkins knew that plaintiff was only 17 years of age at the time.
     “Defendant Hawkins proceeded to ‘interview’ plaintiff and then abruptly declared that if she wanted the job, she would have to sleep with him.
     “Plaintiff refused and attempted to exit the camper. Defendant Hawkins then slammed plaintiff face-forward against the wall and handcuffed her hands behind her back.
     “Defendant Hawkins then proceeded to force plaintiff onto the bed located inside the camper.
     “Plaintiff had begun to scream for help and Defendant Hawkins stuffed a bandana or handkerchief in her mouth to silence her.
     “Defendant Hawkins thereafter engaged in unwanted sexual intercourse with plaintiff and sexually deviant behavior, including inserting a cucumber in the rectum of the plaintiff, during which plaintiff sobbed and cried.
     “After finishing with plaintiff, Defendant Hawkins threatened her that if she said anything to anyone, he would kill her. To further humiliate plaintiff, Defendant Hawkins sent plaintiff a text message referencing the cucumber and Defendant also sent plaintiff a photo he took of plaintiff’s naked body, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2252.
     “Thereafter, Defendant Hawkins repeatedly made threats to plaintiff that he would kill her, some threats being overheard by third persons.
     “On or about May 7, 2012, Defendant sent plaintiff a text message, making a veiled threat to have plaintiff indicted, to wit: ‘And you still want me to try and keep you from getting indicted …’
     “On May 11, 2012, after Defendant Hawkins once again threatened to kill plaintiff and hide her body so no one could find her, plaintiff filed a domestic violence petition with the State Court. A domestic violence protective order was issued and a hearing was scheduled to take place on June 5, 2012 at 2:30 pm.
     “In an effort to prevent plaintiff from moving forward with the domestic violence proceeding, Defendant Hawkins, along with others, arranged for plaintiff to be indicted, and on May 29, 2012, plaintiff was indicted in State Court.
     “Defendant Hawkins was in charge of the investigation of the alleged criminal acts set forth in the indictment.
     “The indictment was subsequently dismissed.”
     Keene seeks exemplary damages on 15 counts: unlawful arrest, excessive force, conspiracy, the tort of outrage/intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, two counts of negligence, false imprisonment, assault, deliberate indifference, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, sexual assault, providing alcohol to a minor, and dissemination of a nude photo of a minor.
     She is represented by Paul Harris and Shawn Fluharty, of Wheeling.
     Hawkins was elected in May to his second term as sheriff.
     Despite his holding that office, The Charleston Gazette reported on its website today that “a working number for Hawkins could not be found Monday night.”
     The Gazette reported that Hawkins responded to the lawsuit by posting this message on his Facebook profile Monday night:
     “‘Round #2. Thought all this was over with the election, but today I was sued in Federal Court. …,’ Hawkins said in the post. “I don’t mind being tried in court, as I will deny all the allegations. It’s a civil suit for money. I just hate my family having to go through all the mudslinging in the media again. To my friends, sorry. I’d ask for prayers for my family but was bashed the last time for asking for prayers for them. So, true friends know where we live and how to get in touch [with] us.'” (Ellipses and brackets as in the Gazette article, by Travis Crum.)

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