Distributor Sues Feds Over Cold Remedies

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The DEA and the Justice Department illegally suspended Novelty Distributors’ DEA license to distribute cold and cough products containing ephedrine and guaifenesin, without notice and without proof of imminent threat to public safety, Novelty claims in Federal Court.

     Novelty, of Indianapolis, dba Greenfield Labs, claims the DEA abused its discretion and violated the Administrative Procedures Act when it suspended Novelty’s DEA registration on Jan. 28. It claims the DEA action, which is based on claims that are “demonstrably false,” threatens the livelihood of its 500 workers, 400 of whom live in Greenfield, Ind. – “about 8% of the [town’s] total adult employed population.”
     Novelty also claims that DEA agents were abusive in their raid on company headquarters, unreasonably demanding from its vice president “immediate production of over 12,000 documents – a physical impossibility – under threat of arrest,” and removing recording devices the executive had activated to record the DEA’s unreasonable actions.

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