Discovery Channel Show Accused of Assault

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – The Discovery Channel let cameras roll as cast members of the biker reality show “The Devils Ride” beat a man in a bar brawl, and then broadcast the assault without his consent, the man claims in court.
     Plaintiff Ashi Fachler, who describes himself as a “street photographer,” says the now-defunct Lincoln Room invited “Devils Ride” filmmakers into the bar on the night of Jan. 27, 2012 so cast members could provoke fights with members of the public for the reality show.
     Fachler claims that as he took pictures outside the crowded bar, things got out of hand. With cameras rolling, he says, members of the “Devils Ride” cast kicked and punched him and hit him with glasses and “other objects yet unknown.”
     “Cast members instigated an enormous fight between numerous invitees and guests of the Lincoln Room,” the lawsuit states. “The fight began in The Lincoln Room and then carried over into the street. During this mayhem, plaintiff was severely beaten.”
     Fachler claims there was not enough bar staff or security to stop the brawl from spilling onto the streets. He claims motorcycle club members continued to beat him as he was on the ground, while security personnel stood by and watched.
     Fachler claims lead defendant Discovery Communications, which partnered with defendant production company Bischoff/Hervey Entertainment Television, used footage of the fight without his approval.
     He says the attack appeared in several episodes in the first season of “Devils Ride” and during teasers for the show.
     The film crew never helped him during or after the attack, and he had to call for emergency services himself, Fachler says.
     He claims the attack left him with “right ankle and left knee fractures, severely broken nose, and facial and cranial abrasions and fractures.”
     After Discovery broadcast the brawl in May 2012, Fachler says, he was “devastated” and “humiliated” when people recognized him from the show.
     He seeks medical expenses, lost earnings and punitive damages for battery, assault, negligence, violation of privacy, premises liability and emotional distress.
     Named as defendants are Discovery Communications dba The Discovery Channel, Bischoff/Hervey Entertainment Television, Left Coast Partners dba The Lincoln Room, and its owners Merritt Powell and Darren Moore. An unidentified security company is also named as a defendant.
     The Lincoln Room closed last year.
     Fachler is represented by Sean Simpson and Jayne Simpson with Simpson-Moore.
     Discovery spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg declined to comment.

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