‘Destitute’ Son Sues Barry White’s Estate for His Share

LOS ANGELES (CN) – The son of soul singer Barry White is suing the singer’s former wife saying he is nearly homeless and destitute because she refused to give him a fair share of his father’s estate.

Daryl White sued Glodean White, the former spouse of Barry White and the sole executor of his trust, claiming she misled him about the need to formally declare his rights to a share in the trust and has stopped paying him promised money.

The suit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday.

“Glodean White, both individually and acting as trustee, has breached her promise that Daryl White would receive his share of the estate of Barry White,” Daryl White says in the complaint.

As a result of the missing payments, Daryl White is destitute and is close to having to live on the streets of Las Vegas, the complaint says.

Barry White was a singer, songwriter and composer with a resonant voice that made him beloved and famous. He died in 2003.

Soon after, Glodean White told Barry’s son Daryl not to worry about asserting his rights to the estate and to rely on her to distribute him a share on a monthly basis, the complaint says.

“Glodean White secured Daryl White’s trust by providing him limited financial support over a period of time under the guise that Daryl White would receive this financial support for the entirety of his life,” Daryl White says in the complaint.

Glodean White did distribute the agreed upon amount for 10 years, but the payments became sporadic before finally drying up altogether around September 2015, Daryl White says.

He says he relied on representations made by Glodean that a portion of his father’s estate would be available to him at all times, representations which turned out to be false, according to the lawsuit.

Daryl White is not the only child of Barry White to bring a lawsuit against Glodean recently. Denise White, born in 1962 as Denise Donnell, sued in 2016 making similar claims as her half-brother Daryl.

Denise said Glodean told her expressly not to pursue rights to the estate as an omitted child, saying everyone knew she was Barry White’s daughter and she would be happy to give her an agreed upon amount on an ongoing basis.

Those payments ceased in 2013, as did Denise’s invitations to family functions, she said.

Daryl White wants the court to order the Barry White Trust to provide a full accounting of its assets in 2003 and the revenue it has earned since, and to provide Daryl White with his entitled share.

He also seeks damages and attorney’s fees.

Glodean White was an accomplished R&B singer in her own right, appearing numerous times on Soul Train and the Soul Train Music Awards. She was also part of the trio called Love Unlimited.

She could not be reached for comment by press time.


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