Deputy Went Over the Line, Nevadan Says

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – A Carson City Sheriff’s exposed more than 600 people to identity theft by putting their names and Social Security numbers on an “Exclusion List” and sending to pawnbrokers, threatening to fine them $1,000 if they did business with anyone on the list, one man on the list says.
     Plaintiff Tony Wampler says he was on the list: a 15-page document with about 47 names per page, all but 21 of them accompanied by Social Security numbers.
     Wampler says Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Motamenpour distributed the list to Carson City area pawnbrokers on or about Oct. 1, 2010.
     “Deputy Motamenpour advised the pawnbrokers that if they were caught doing business with a person on the Exclusion List, the pawn shop would be subject to a $1,000 fine,” Wampler says in his federal complaint.
     He adds: “Although Mr. Wampler was convicted of property-related crimes in the 1980s, he has since reformed his life and has been a law-abiding citizen of Carson City for almost 10 years.”
     Wampler claims the list exposed him to identity theft, and that now he must constantly monitor his credit rating.
     He seeks an injunction and punitive damages for privacy invasion, constitutional violations and violation of state law.
     He is represented by Nicole Harvey of Reno.

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