Dentist Accused of a Multitude of Sins

     FORT WORTH (CN) – A “sadistic” and “lecherous” dentist sent photos of his “little erect penis” to his receptionist and caused her to grow “unsightly body hair” when his testosterone gel rubbed on off her during his sexual attacks, the woman claims in court.
     Jamie O’Brien sued Dr. Jody D. Cremer on Sept. 23 in Tarrant County Court.
     According to the lurid, 13-page complaint, O’Brien tried to “maintain a professional distance from the dentist,” but he threatened her livelihood during “months” of sexual attacks, “always with the threat that if she ever opened her mouth, she would be fired, ruined financially, and she would lose her family.”
     The first attack came in June 2012, O’Brien says, when Cremer told her to “stay at work after the rest of the staff left the building. He approached her, complaining about his wife being too fat and too old. He complained that he no longer had sex with the ‘old bag.'”
     O’Brien claims she “crouched in fear of the lecherous doctor, as the doctor ran his hand up her skirt.”
     A dental assistant Kristal Heath then walked into the room “and saw what the doctor was doing to Ms. O’Brien. She said ‘Oh no’ and ran from the room. Shortly thereafter, [the assistant] was fired without notice or explanation,” according to the complaint.
     It continues: “After the initial assault, the doctor told Ms. O’Brien that she could keep her job as long as she ‘cooperates.’ After that time, Cremer assaulted Ms. O’Brien at least twice a week. Cremer made sure all the employees would go home for the day, and then he would insist that Ms. O’Brien stay late. When he had her alone, Cremer would begin to assault her, take her clothes off, and having his way with her. The assaults continued for months – and always with the threat that if she ever opened her mouth, she would be fired, ruined financially, and she would lose her family.”
     The lawsuit does not explain how Cremer claimed he could cause O’Brien to lose her family.
     It continues: “Cremer became more brazen and sadistic as his control over Ms. O’Brien became stronger. He sent pictures of his little erect penis to her claiming that his penis would get bigger with the testosterone injections he was getting from [nonparty] Dr. Mills. At one point, Cremer was administering testosterone gelatin under his arm to increase his libido and sexual attacks on Ms. O’Brien. Cremer’s sweat mixed with the gel rubbed off on his secretary during the assaults, causing her to grow unsightly bodily hair. Ms. O’Brien was appalled and devastated by the assaults and the contamination from the medication.”
     Eventually, O’Brien says, “Dr. Cremer began to secretly video tape his sexual relations with his receptionist in his office. O’Brien was never aware that she was being secretly recorded by Dr. Cremer and his staff.
     “Dr. Cremer often bragged to his golf buddies that he was ‘hitting that,’ referring to Ms. O’Brien. Cremer used the video that he obtained in his illicit relationship to boast to his golf buddies. Cremer later used the video later used the sex video against Ms. O’Brien to blackmail her and terminate her employment.”
     She claims that Cremer “secretly recorded a sex tape of himself and O’Brien for his own illicit purpose,” an intrusion that was “intentional and highly offensive.”
     But it didn’t stop there, O’Brien says. She claims that Cremer hired a consulting agency, the TOPS Institute (Total Patient Service), “in order to pay his employees less and increase his profits.”
     She claims that the auditors discovered that Cremer “was assaulting Ms. O’Brien on a regular basis. The entire staff was aware of the assaults by the doctor.”
     The response, O’Brien claims, was that “TOPS insisted that Cremer terminate Ms. O’Brien.”
     The auditors and Cremer then called O’Brien and the dentist and “told O’Brien that TOPS gave him a choice either fire her, or the rest of the staff. He chose her,” according to the lawsuit.
     O’Brien claims that the one of the two TOPS auditors told her that she had met with co-defendant Melissa Gordillo, a hygienist, “who had shown her sexually explicit pictures of Cremer on top of her and a secret video. Shana [one of the two auditors] told her that termination was her only option.”
     She claims that Shana, the auditor, then met her “outside the office with all her belongings in a box. Shana said that she had seen pictures and a video of her and Cremer that she later destroyed.”
     “Shana said, ‘Don’t worry, I will help you write your resume and find a job in Plano,'” the complaint continues. “She threatened, however, ‘You better not report this to the police.'”
     O’Brien seeks punitive damages for privacy invasion, wiretap violations, assault, injuries, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Souran Ashjari.

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