Democratic Activist Pledges $30 Million to Mobilize Voters

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer speaks during a news conference in Washington, Monday, Jan. 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer announced Monday he will spend $30 million to get young voters to the polls in this year’s midterm elections.

Steyer is a former hedge fund manager who has invested some of his wealth in an array of political causes, most notably fighting climate change. Forbes estimates his wealth at $1.6 billion.

Steyer has recently turned his focus to advocating for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. He says that effort will continue.

But now he is focusing his financial clout to help Democrats running for the House and Senate. He said Republicans won’t cross a president who controls their base regardless of what he says or does.

“We now know that this partisan fight has becomes a fierce battle for the soul of America,” Steyer said. “And we, the people, have to win this battle, and we don’t just have to win, we have to run the table.”

Steyer considered running for office, but says that’s not where he can make the biggest difference. He is the founder of NextGen America, a liberal advocacy group. He is the main source of cash for a super PAC called the NextGen Climate Action Committee, which spent more than $90 million in the last election cycle.

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