Dean Tells Sanders Fans |Not to Give Up Revolution

PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Speaking to the California delegation over breakfast, Dean told Sanders’ most hard-core fans meaningful change takes time and implored them to continue fighting to obtain the version of the country they want to see.
     “What I say, especially to the Bernie folks, is stick with it,” Dean said. “Change does not come over night and we need young people.”
     The California delegation ,which boasts a significant pro-Sanders contingent, has been a hotbed for some of the disruptions that have contributed to the uneasy feeling of discord between the Vermont senator’s backers and Clinton. Dean said he understood their pain of losing an election, but also emphasized the importance of the upcoming election.
     Dean’s speech to the California delegation breakfast comes two days after he took the main stage at the Democratic National Convention where he praised Clinton as a fighter for healthcare reform and called on voters to unite behind her to defeat Donald Trump.
     “When you don’t win, you fight another day, when you get down, you fight another day,” Dean told the delegation.
     He lamented “huge” forces of resistance to change, specifically calling out Trump’s “bullshit” vision of America, which he said favors the ultra-rich over working Americans.
     Based on the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week, the Republican party seems like it is stuck in the 1350s, Dean said. He suggested that Republicans do not “care about the Republic,” based on the way they talked during their convention in Cleveland.
     After his speech Dean said Sanders’ supporters have “whatever role they want” in the Democratic party going forward and that the only obligation they have is to vote, hopefully for Clinton.
     “It’s what I said in there, incremental change is what you get in a democracy, you can’t just take your marbles and go home,” Dean told Courthouse News.

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