Danger! Falling Grapes

      FORT LAUDERDALE (CN) – A woman says she suffered serious permanent injuries from slipping and falling on grapes at a Winn-Dixie store. This is the 106th slip-and-fall-on-a-grape claim Courthouse News has reported since 2005. Claims have ranged upward of $250,000 for injuries that include a broken knee and injuries to shoppers’ backs, ankles, wrists and other body parts, though no one, apparently, has died in that time from slipping on a grape.

     Fifty-nine other grape-related claims have been filed since 2005, including claims for spoiled grapes, grape juice carelessly mixed together for wine, delivery of the wrong kind of winegrapes, and failure to pay for grapes.
     One woman said her husband was crushed to death by a forklift unloading grapes. Other people sued for injuries suffered during an Israeli army operation called “Grapes of Wrath,” and a man’s family claims he was killed by a truck driven by a man named Grapes.

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