Dad Fights Suspension Over Party Photo

     THEDFORD, Neb. (CN) – A high school girl was suspended from extra-curricular activities for two years based on a bogus “good conduct policy” implemented after the superintendent found a photograph of her allegedly holding a beer at a party, the girl’s father claims in Thomas County Court. He says the school changed its handbook after he questioned the punishment.

     Richard Jameson claims the superintendent of Thedford High School came to his home in May to tell him that he had a photograph of Jameson’s daughter, Courtney, holding a beer at a party.
     He says he called his daughter down from her room and asked her, “What is this?” When she replied, “That was the party last Saturday,” Jameson says he immediately sent her back to her room. There was no discussion of alcohol or drinking, he says.
     Superintendent Henry Eggert then told him that Courtney would be disciplined for violating the so-called “good conduct policy,” which Eggert claimed was published in the student handbook, according to the lawsuit.
     Jameson says his daughter was suspended from extracurricular activities for two years.
     When he asked for a copy of the handbook, he says Eggert gave him 12 unmarked pages that were dated two days after their meeting.
     Jameson says his attorneys then asked for the complete handbook, but were sent the same unmarked pages.
     “At the time of Courtney’s alleged actions, Thedford Public Schools had no published rule concerning the possession or use of alcohol outside of school activities or off school grounds,” Jameson claims. “Neither did the school have any published rule concerning a student being present at a party where alcohol was being consumed.”
     He and his daughter seek an order barring the school and superintendent from enforcing the unpublished rule.
     They are represented by Kyle Long of the Robert Pahlke Law Group.

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