Courtney Love’s Managers Demand $975K

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Courtney’s Love’s managers say the rock star owes them $975,000 – their 5% share of the $19.5 million she got from selling the Nirvana music catalog. California-based London & Co. also sued The End of Music, the LLC that owns rights to Nirvana’s and Kurt Cobain’s music, which Love manages and partly owns.

     London says Love hired it as her business manager in 2003, for “5% of the revenues received by Love and/or EOM against a monthly retainer of $25,000.”
     The Superior Court complaint continues: “In mid-2007, Love and EOM sold a portion of the writer’s share of the Nirvana publishing catalogue for a total price of $19.5 million.” Five percent of that is $975,000. London demands that amount, plus interest since July 2007. It is represented by Cotkin & Collins.

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