Court Tosses Governor’s Housing Project Veto

     (CN) – The New Mexico Supreme Court rejected Gov. Susana Martinez’s line-item veto to cut most of the money approved for a low-income housing program.

     Six Democratic state legislators sued the Republican governor after the veto.
     The ruling restores the budget for regional housing authorities to $150,000 after Martinez cut the amount $50,000. The budget represented an increase from last year’s $30,000 funding, but was less than the $250,000 appropriated in 2009.
     The state Supreme Court is expected to issue a second ruling in coming weeks on the legality of Martinez’s veto of $128 million in taxes on businesses to contribute to the state’s unemployment compensation fund.
     The decision is the latest of three Supreme Court rulings against Martinez, the state’s first female governor, since she took office at the beginning of the year.
     Martinez was ordered in April to immediately reinstate two members of the state’s New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations board after she fired them. The Supreme Court ruled in January that Martinez could not delay the publication of greenhouse gas emissions regulation in the State Register, according to reports.

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