Court Sorts Out Immunity in Inmate Death Case

     CINCINNATI (CN) – The family of a woman who died in jail from untreated diabetes can sue the doctor, county and corrections officers, but not the sheriff, paramedics and ambulance services director, the 6th Circuit ruled.

     Judge Cole sorted out who was covered by qualified immunity in the case of Sonya Phillips, who died while awaiting trial for the murder of her infant daughter.
     Phillips was found unconscious in her cell, and then she recovered and lasted two weeks in poor health before jail officials sought medical treatment for her.
     Her family alleged that government officials were deliberately indifferent to Phillips’ medical needs. They cited the six-minute examination given by the jailhouse doctor, Thomas Boduch.
     Also, Boduch did not reschedule a follow-up appointment with Phillips when she missed it because she was being examined by a psychiatrist. Phillips’ condition did not improve, and she died four days later.
     “Dr. Boduch knew of and consciously disregarded a serious medical risk to Phillips,” Cole ruled.

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