Court Rejects Woman’s Lawsuit Over Word Ban

     ST. LOUIS (CN) – The 8th Circuit threw out a lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed Lancaster County District Judge Jeffre Cheuvront violated her constitutional rights by barring her from using the words “rape” and “victim” in a sexual assault trial.

     In the underlying case, Pamir Safi was charged with the felony sexual assault of Bethany Bowen in Nebraska state court.
     The first jury deadlocked, and a second trial was declared a mistrial because of the pretrial publicity.
     Before the third trial began, Bowen unsuccessfully sued Cheuvront for restricting her testimony with a ban that she claimed infringed on her free-speech rights.
     A three-judge panel upheld dismissal of her claims for lack of jurisdiction, saying the Jan. 4 dismissal of the criminal prosecution rendered her civil case moot.

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