Court OK’s Discipline For Student’s Blog Remarks

     NEW YORK (CN) – The 2nd Circuit ruled that a high school in Connecticut can discipline a student for criticizing school officials in her blog, written outside the classroom.

     Judge Livingston upheld the trial court’s ruling for Lewis Mills High School in Burlington, Conn.
     The school disqualified Avery Doninger from running for senior class secretary after she called school officials “douchebags” for canceling a “battle of the bands” contest. She also encouraged her readers to write or call school officials to “piss (them) off more.”
     Doninger and her mother sued the school, alleging violation of the student’s First Amendment rights.
     The court said there is a difference between an adult’s right to freedom of speech and a student’s.
     “Vulgar or offensive speech … may legitimately give rise to disciplinary action by a school,” the court wrote.

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