Couple Say They Saw Dogs Kill Their Son

BATON ROUGE (CN) – A couple claims their 4-year-old son was killed as he played in his yard after neighbors let their three boxers loose. Robert and Tammy Landry say they were in the yard with their son and saw it happen, despite their efforts to save him.

     The Landrys say their next-door neighbors Rob Roy and Candace Wells owned the boxers and Rob Roy let the dogs loose “allegedly to feed and exercise them,” on April 10. The Landrys say the dogs ran into their yard and attacked 4-year-old Michael Blaise Landry without warning. The Landrys say they “desperately fought to free their son … from the dogs grips,” to no avail. “Robert A. Landry and Tammy Landry witnessed firsthand this violent attack and will continue to suffer extreme mental and emotional anguish and distress.”
     The Landrys also sued Republic Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. They are represented in East Baton Rouge Parish Court by Spencer Calahan.

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