County Sues Mapquest For Inaccurate Map

     JEFFERSONVILLE, IND. (CN) – Clark County has sued Mapquest, claiming errors in its Internet maps create “grave and serious public safety hazards” and that the company has been “nonresponsive” to complaints about it.

     “A myriad of irreparable harm, damage and danger to citizens who rely upon the Plaintiffs for their public safety, for safe usage of roads and roadways and for appropriate management of pedestrian and vehicular traffic is a real likelihood unless Defendant is enjoined from its erroneous acts and unless the court declares that Defendant must correct its publisher errors,” the Board of Commissioners claims in Clark County Court.
     The errors at issue involve a place called Quality Court. The complaint does not states what dangers are created by the map.
     A search of Mapquest this morning failed to turn up any maps of Jeffersonville or Quality Court.

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