Cops Say City Lied About Budget to Bust Union

CINCINNATI (CN) – A police union has sued Cincinnati to fight unpaid leaves and layoffs, claiming the city’s budget deficit is only $440,000 – not the $28 million the city claims. The police and a second union say the city lied about its finances to try to bust up the unions.

     The Fraternal Order of Police and the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees sued the city in Hamilton County Court. They claim the city had “actual knowledge that no such budget deficit existed in a direct attempt to union bust” and that the “most recent financial report reflects sufficient funds to maintain the employment of the FOP and CODE employees.”
     The unions say the city has refused to produce documents that would “demonstrate a true budget deficit” despite repeated requests, and despite the fact that its budget is a matter of public record.
     The unions want the city enjoined from its plan to lay off 138 police workers and 19 other city employees. They also seek declaratory judgment that there is no need for the layoffs as there is no “lack of funds.”
     The unions are represented by Stephen Lazarus and William Gustavson.

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