Cop Says He Was Fired For Religious Reasons

     DENTON, TEXAS (CN) – A former police sergeant claims the city of Flower Mound fired him for his Christian beliefs. Wess Jones says he was ordered not to consort with a former drug snitch, with whom he had a sexual affair, but they go to the same church, and, he says, he was fired because he refused to stop going to that church.

     Jones acknowledges, in his complaint in Denton County Court, that after his romantic relationship with the snitch ended, she complained that he had “subdued her in a head lock” during an argument, in which she hit him, shouted at him and spit on him. He says she recanted those allegations.
     He says the Police Department ordered him to stay away from her. But because they attend the same church, to do so would violate his First Amendment rights, he says, and he would have to stop trying to be a Christian “role model” for the woman.
     He claims he was fired because he continued attending his church.
     He is represented by Keith Clouse of Dallas.

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