Conseco Cheats Old Folks, Class Says

     CHICAGO (CN) – Conseco Senior Health Insurance “preyed on” its customers by denying valid claims “under the fabricated pretense of not receiving proper documentation,” a class action claims in Cook County Court.

     The complaint states: “Conseco has systematically declined to pay plaintiffs benefits for claims they have each submitted totaling several thousands of dollars, despite the fact that plaintiffs have repeatedly provided defendant with documentation of claims in the form of Medicare verifications – e.g., Medical Summary Notices or explanations of benefits authored by Medicare – setting forth the date and place of service, amounts due, procedures performed, and diagnosis codes.
     Defendants, however, have per their routine studiously failed to pay plaintiffs’ claims on grounds that such documentation – albeit verified by Medicare – is inadequate proof of plaintiffs’ losses. There is no valid reason for such conduct, which is designed solely to limit defendants’ claims payouts.”
     Plaintiffs demand an injunction and punitive damages. They are represented Larry Drury.

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