Competency Trial Set|for Alleged Beheader

     NORMAN, Okla. (CN) – A Muslim convert accused of beheading a coworker and trying to behead a second one must face a mental competency trial, an Oklahoma judge ruled Tuesday.
     Cleveland County Judge Lori Walkley ordered Alton Alexander Nolen to have his competency determined by a jury on Oct. 26.
     Nolen, 30, of Norman, is accused of killing 54-year-old Colleen Hufford on Sept. 25 last year at a Vaughn Foods processing plant.
     Nolen tried to behead a second victim, Traci J. Johnson, 44, of Oklahoma City, cutting her throat and face, then tried to stab a company executive, who shot him, according to news reports .
     Nolen is charged with first-degree murder, four counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.
     Judge Walkley ordered the competency trial after hearing conflicting opinions from mental health experts who examined Nolen. The defense’s expert’s competency report was filed Tuesday under seal.
     Nolen will face criminal trial if the jury finds him competent. If not, he will be confined in a state mental health hospital for treatment.
     Nolen’s attack was sparked by a complaint Johnson made about Nolen “not liking white people,” Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said after the attacks.
     Nolen allegedly drove home to get the knife after being suspended for the complaint. His now-deleted Facebook page allegedly showed several images of beheadings and Osama bin Laden, and posts about terrorism in the Middle East.
      Johnson spoke publicl y about the attack for the first time three months ago on the Fox News show “The Kelly File.” Johnson said she had been working at the Moore plant for four days as a temporary employee when Nolen began “slicing” her neck. Scars are still visible on the right side of her neck.
     “He got ahold of my face, he cut my right index finger,” a visibly emotional Johnson said. “He wouldn’t stop as I am screaming for help and didn’t think anyone was coming around.”
     Her left cheek and lip were cut and Nolen came within “a millimeter of my jugular,” she said.

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