In a federal antitrust complaint in Brooklyn, H.E. Butt Grocery Co. claims American Express illegally prohibits merchants that accept its cards from doing anything to suggest that customers could use another, less expensive credit card. Rite Aid, Walgreen and CVS Pharmacy sued American Express on similar charges in the same court last week.

     Florida accuses All-Sun Enterprises, Leo Whalen and Frank Pennea of deceptive trade. Florida claims in Palm Beach County Court that at least 47 consumers complained that the Wellington, Fla.-based contractors took money but did not perform, used bait-and-switch tactics, did shoddy work, and so on.
     American AVK Co. sued WinWholesale in an antitrust complaint involving hydrants and valves, in Santa Ana, Calif., Federal Court.
     The United States of America claims Comco Management Corp., Concord Funding, Metco Management Corp., Monex Credit Co., and Newport Service Corp. owe $378 million in taxes, in Santa Ana, Calif., Federal Court.

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