Comic Says Jesus Stole His Act In Movie

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Comedian Arthur Metrano has filed another $2 million lawsuit claiming that the “Family Guy” spinoff movie “Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story” rips off “The Amazing Metrano,” his signature comedy routine since 1969. In the movie, Stewie allegedly sees Jesus perform “The Amazing Metrano” routine and concludes “that Christ’s abilities may have been a bit exaggerated.”

     Metrano says the routine basically consists of his “humming a snappy tune while performing in pantomime various funny, simple tricks using his hands and fingers.”
     According to the federal complaint, the central theme of “Stewie Griffin” involves the title character, a precocious, snarky infant, traveling back in time to comment ironically on “a depiction of an animated Jesus Christ, performing ‘miraculous’ (but unimpressive) deeds.”
     Metrano says he tried to register his routine with the Copyright Office in August 2007, but the office refused. His appeal is pending.
     Metrano filed his first infringement claim in December 2007. In that suit, Metrano also asked for $2 million.
     Metrano performed the act on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and keeps clips of the routine on his Web site. He is represented in federal court by Paul Hittelman.

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