Did you know what a super delegate was prior to this election year? I must confess that I did not. Now before you start wagging your finger at me and wondering how I have been able to nearly ignore politics, you must admit that we each have our pockets of knowledge. And who can say what pocket of knowledge is better than the other?
     In my circle of girlfriends, I am the celebrity gossip monger. I read several celebrity gossip blogs each day and I love to regale my girlfriends with stories about celebrities and their often delightfully dysfunctional lives. One of my girlfriends in the group is a political junkie who rolls her eyes every time I mention Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and my personal favorite, Jayonce (Jay-Z and Beyonce). She has made comments like, “I just don’t know how a journalist spends so much time reading about celebrities.” Usually when she starts talking about some community forum she attended or Bush’s foreign policy or something or the other, somehow I go deaf and I only see her lips moving. Boring!
     This election cycle, however, has made me a fan of politics – maybe a short-lived fan, but a true fan nonetheless. Somehow, this election has managed to satisfy some of my primal urges for celebrity gossip while being educated about the election process. Of course, I know the main issues that are currently on the table are: the war on Iraq, the economy and healthcare. However, being the true celebrity gossip monger that I am, I cannot but help but pay attention to the more gossipy tidbits of the campaign.
     In the May 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Ashton Kutcher, a hot celebrity, has admonished Hilary Clinton about her pantsuit look. “She would be so much more appealing if she just took off the pantsuit, took a lesson from Jackie Kennedy, and found her own Oleg Cassini.” As a wannabe fashionista, I must concur. Surely, showing a little leg now and then never hurt anybody. (Hopefully, I haven’t set the feminist movement back 25 years with this comment.)
     On one of my favorite blogs,, the blogger has recently written about Michelle Obama’s image and how she is purposefully trying to appear like Jackie O. “Do you mean to say that you thought the bouffant hairstyle, the pearl necklace, the short sleeve “A” line dresses, and other stylisms evoking a bygone era, were purely coincidental on Obama’s part? If she ever dons that vintage Jackie-O pill box hat I guess that’s when we’ll know for sure.” Michelle Obama’s recent cover on Newsweek did look a little Jackie O.
     According to the Columbia Journalism Review Web site, Cindy McCain was compared to a Stepford Wife by CNN correspondent Carol Costello. There is something about her blonde hair and steely eyes that make me wonder who is flying the plane if you know what I mean. And what was up with Cindy McCain’s swiping recipes from the Food Network and touting them as “family recipes” on the McCain Web site without citing the Food Network as the source. This incident is more evidence of her Stepford Wife nature if you ask me.
     Now before you think that I’m not an equal opportunity celebrity gossip monger, I have a few gossipy tidbits to point out about the men in this year’s election process. Here in Atlanta, people are fighting mad, and rightfully so, about a local bar owner’s sale of t-shirts in which Barack Obama is compared to Curious George. On the t-shirts, Curious George is peeling a banana and the words “Obama O8” are written underneath. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the company that owns the Curious George image, is considering legal action to halt the sales of the t-shirts.
     Bill Clinton is pretty much a handsome devil by most accounts even if he is starting to look like he needs to be refreshed a bit, but some of his comments on the campaign trail have been hilarious and perhaps hurtful to his wife’s campaign. A whole article was devoted to the topic on The Huffington Post Web site. Who can forget Bill’s comment on Obama’s anti-war stance as the “biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” What was up with that?
     Finally, I am personally offended by John McCain’s “snowy comb-over,” a description coined by Peter Gelzinis with The Boston Herald. The article is actually posted on the McCain Web site. I guess it’s posted because Gelzinis eventually points out that his looks don’t matter. Well, maybe they don’t matter except when you start to wonder how much longer he is going to live. Once you’ve got the comb over, it’s pretty much downhill from there.
     But I digress, I guess I should shift my attention back to the main issues of the campaign…After all, at $4 a gallon for gas, who’s got time for this drivel?

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