Coleman-Franken Dispute Heard by Minn. Justices

     (CN) – The battle for Minnesota’s disputed Senate seat hit the Minnesota Supreme Court on Monday, with attorneys for former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman seeking to reopen the vote count, and lawyers for Al Franken insisting that the Democratic challenger had won.

     Coleman attorney Joe Friedberg argued that Franken’s apparent 312-vote lead was based on flaws in the vote counting. “Twelve thousand citizens who made good-faith efforts to vote were disenfranchised,” Friedberg told the justices, according to The Associated Press.
     “This isn’t evidence, this is an argument,” Franken’s attorney, Marc Elias, reportedly countered.
     Coleman’s attorneys urged the court to reopen the count, while Franken’s attorneys sought confirmation of the Democratic challenger’s victory.
     Coleman trailed Franken by 312 votes after a recount.
     If the justices rule against Coleman, whose term expired in January, the former senator could file a new lawsuit in federal court or ask the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case.
     Franken could appeal an unfavorable ruling by asking the Senate to weigh in on the dispute.
     Coleman and his wife, Laurie, attended the arguments, but Franken did not.

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