Classic Commercial Espionage Alleged

     HOUSTON (CN) – In a “brazen unlawful conspiracy,” Fiberglass Insulators put “a disloyal Williams Insulation employee” on its payroll for $50,000 a year, paid to his wife, for the express purpose of stealing confidential information from Williams and passing it to Fiberglass Insulators, Williams claims in Federal Court.

     Williams also sued its allegedly disloyal employee, Travis Jones Smith, and his wife, Tammy Krause Smith, claiming that under terms of the “fraudulent scheme … Smith and Fiberglass Insulators agreed to continue this arrangement until Williams Insulation discovered that Smith was no longer meeting his sales goals and was discharged. At which time, Smith would simply replace Krause on the Fiberglass Insulators payroll.”
     Williams demands an injunction, actual damages and exemplary damages for conspiracy, theft, conversion, breach of contract, tortious interference, theft of trade secrets, and violation of computer fraud and abuse laws.

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