Class Claims Philadelphia|Neglects Abused Children

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – The City of Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services and the State of Pennsylvania violate state and federal laws to provide inadequate care and services for 28,000 abused and neglected children, and retaliate against children and parents who seek rights from DHS, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     “The action alleges that DHS is an unsafe agency for children, in violation of the federal constitutional and statutory rights of abused, neglected and dependent children to receive services from a safe and appropriate agency, and not a dangerous one,” the complaint states. “The action also alleges that parents’ federal civil rights are currently being violated as a result of DHS non-compliance with state and federal law and regulations, with respect to a parent’s right to have a safe DHS agency providing services to their children and to not retaliate against parents or children who exercise their rights.”
     The class consists of 28,000 children and 56,000 parents who receive services through DHS. They seek a federal overseer and monetary damages. They are represented by David Mildenberg.

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