Class Claims Ford Steered Them Wrong

CHICAGO (CN) – A class action claims Ford exaggerated and misrepresented the features in its factory-installed Sync navigation system, which can’t be upgraded to get the advertised features. And when it was caught, the class claims, Ford simply changed its ads rather than making the customers whole.

     Named plaintiff Steven Rouse says he paid $55,354 for a 2010 Lincoln, whose “Traffic, Directions and Information” system, Ford claimed, included “audible turn-by-turn directions” and “sophisticated speech-recognition software.”
     But it didn’t. And when he complained, Rouse says, his dealer and Ford’s customer service both told him the Sync system in his new Lincoln could not be upgraded to include them.
     After he laid out his 55 large, Rouse says, Ford “changed the language on the website describing the Sync feature. The website was changed to say: ‘… the traffic directions and information feature is not available on the Lincoln MKT or on vehicles with the optional navigation system.'” (Ellipses in complaint.)
     He seeks class certification and compensatory and punitive damages for breach of warranty, fraud and unjust enrichment.
     His lead counsel is Lance Raphael with the Consumer Advocacy Center.

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