Class Claims App Seller Took Advantage

      FRESNO, Calif. (CN) – After years of selling its remote access Ignition app for a one-time fee of $29.99, LogMeIn began requiring users to pay $99 or more a year to be able to keep using it, a class action claims in Federal Court.
     Lead plaintiff Darren Handy sued Massachusetts-based LogMeIn on Aug. 28, alleging fraud and unfair competition.
     LogMeIn’s Ignition app allows users to control all of their computers from their iPads or iPhones. LogMeIn advertises Ignition as “anywhere, anytime access to everything on your PC or Mac – all your files, applications and desktops – right at your fingertips,” according to the lawsuit.
     For years, the Ignition app was sold for $29.99. But on Jan. 21 this year, LogMeIn “abruptly” informed users they would no longer be able to use the functions on Ignition unless they bought an account-level subscription of LogMeIn Pro, Handy says.
     The costs for the subscriptions range from $99 per year for individuals, up to $449 per year for small businesses. Consumers who do not pay for a subscription can no longer use the app, according to the complaint.
     “In inducing plaintiff to purchase defendant’s app, defendant did not inform plaintiff that additional fees beyond the $29.99 already paid to download the app would ever be required to continue usage of Ignition,” Handy says.
     He says his Ignition stopped working on Aug. 19.
     Handy seeks class certification, restitution and an injunction.
     He is represented by Matthew Loker with Kazerouni Law Group of Costa Mesa.
     LogMeIn did not respond to a request for comment.

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