Class Action Says Undocumented Workers Should Be Barred From Filing Labor Charges

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A business that was sued by two workers for $35,000 in back pay has countersued the workers and the California Labor Commissioner in a federal class action, claiming that undocumented workers should not be allowed to file wage claims and the labor commissioner “is biased in favor of illegal immigrants.”

     Kaji Enterprise dba Sushi Sharin and Masayoshi Kaji sued California Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet, and Tranquilino Cruz Garcia – who claims he is owed $5,797 in pay, plus penalties of $84 a day – and Rutilino Cruz Garcia – who claims he is owed $29,978 plus daily penalties.
     The Cruzes sued Kaji on Feb. 5, alleging wages owed and Labor Code violations. The case is scheduled for trial before the Labor Commission on May 22.
     Kaji claims he cannot get a fair trial because the Labor Commissioner “is biased in favor of illegal immigrants,” and that the Commissions policies are “calculated to undermine the enforcement of Federal Immigration Law.”
     Kaji is represented by Ernest Franceschi Jr.

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