Citizens Sue NYC Council Over Term Limits

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Ten citizens say the New York City Council violated their oaths of office by acceding to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s quest for a third term. Voters limited terms to two by referenda in 1993 and 1996. Plaintiffs say Bloomberg and the Council cannot amend the City Charter to permit their own re-elections without a vote of the people.

     This is the second legal challenge to Bloomberg’s quest for a third term. Two City Council members sued him last week.
     Bloomberg has said that, because of his presumed financial expertise, he should be allowed “to remain in office to presumably save NY, New Yorkers and the US economy,” the complaint states.
     To do this, the plaintiffs say, Bloomberg has used “improper and potentially illegal pressure to intimidate others, to make or promise deals and to thereby ‘acquire’ the votes within the defendant NYC Council with which to change the NYC Charter without a voter referendum.”
     Plaintiffs are represented in Federal Court by Edward Fagan.

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