Circuit Nixes Privacy Claims Against TV Station That Aired Alleged Rape

    DENVER (CN) – The 10th Circuit dismissed a woman’s privacy claims against an Oklahoma news station that aired portions of a videotape showing her estranged husband allegedly raping her while she was unconscious.
The husband had been arrested on other sexual assault charges, the ruling states. The woman claimed she gave the tape to Norman police Officer 
Don Blake, and told him to keep it confidential. He allegedly agreed, but granted an interview to KOCO-TV reporter Kimberly Lohman and let her copy the tape, so long as the broadcast “was limited to a view of the perpetrator’s face and was ‘tasteful.'” The station aired Lohman’s story, including excerpts from the videotape. Anderson The woman sued Blake and the media defendants, claiming they violated her constitutional right to privacy. The circuit affirmed dismissal of the claims against the media defendants, ruling that the videotape contained newsworthy material about the plaintiff’s husband. See .

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