Christian Woman Accuses Auburn Of Bias

     OPELIKA, ALA. (CN) – A development director claims Auburn University discriminated against her because she is Christian and fired her for objecting to orders that she could not open meetings of the Women’s Philanthropist Group with a prayer.

     Lucy Little claims that members of the Women’s Philanthropist Group wanted to open their meetings with prayers, and complained when Little did not. She says the women pointed out that the college trustees open their meetings with prayer.
     Little claims the no-prayer orders limited her ability to raise money for the college, and says that other employees had been fired for not meeting their fund-raising goals.
     She says the day after she complained about the no-prayer order, she was placed on leave. Then, she says, she complained to the EEOC and Auburn fired her.
     Represented in Federal Court by Cynthia Forman Wilkinson, Little demands punitive damages.

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