Chevy Dealer Says Union Is Getting Violent

     GENEVA, Ill. (CN) – A Chevrolet dealership seeks an injunction against striking auto mechanics, claiming that union members have threatened salaried employees with death for crossing the picket line, damaged their cars, and stalked their families.
     Piemonte’s Dundee Chevrolet sued Automobile Mechanics’ Local 701 International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, and 17 union members, on Sept. 4 in Kane County Court.
     Dundee Chevrolet, of East Dundee, employs 40 people, 12 of whom are represented by Local 701.
     “On or about July 9, 2014, Local 701 and the employees of Dundee Chevrolet represented by Local 701 began a strike at the facility. This strike is still continuing,” the complaint states.
     Since the strike began, defendants have “physically prevented and interfered with the passage of other persons, including Dundee Chevrolet’s professional, salaried, and supervisory employees as well as its customers, contractors, suppliers, and invitees into and out of the facility by (1) threatening employees with violence, including death, for crossing the picket line; (2) hitting employees’ cars with objects; (3) stalking employees and their families to their homes, shopping and other areas; (4) through business agent William LePinske: blocking ingress to and egress from the facility; impersonating a police officer; trespassing upon dealership property; and threats of physical violence; and (5) engaging in picket line violence,” the car dealer claims.
     Dundee claims the local police department has been unable to adequately protect its nonunion employees and customers.
     As a result of the union’s illegal tactics, Dundee says, it has suffered “damage to Dundee Chevrolet’s goodwill, the possible permanent loss of customers to competitors, and incalculable lost business revenue, and profit.”
     It seeks a restraining order against the union, ordering it not to block the entrances or exits of the building, allowing no more than two pickets at any entrance or exit, and forbidding strikers from damaging or threatening to damage the property or persons of any Dundee employee or customer.
     It also asks the court to ban strikers from carrying firearms or any other weapons, and from drinking alcohol on the picket line.
     Dundee Chevrolet is represented by James Hendricks Jr. with Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, of Chicago.

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