Carroll Shelby’s Ashes Finally Laid to Rest

     DALLAS (CN) – The cremated remains of legendary auto designer Carroll Shelby were finally laid to rest after a dispute between his children and wife was settled.
     Shelby was buried in Leesburg, Texas, on Wednesday after a private ceremony. Leesburg is about 120 miles east of Dallas.
     His wife, Cleo Shelby, of Los Angeles, had opposed his children’s intention to cremate his body, claiming she had the right as his widow to decide how he would be buried. She agreed to settle so long as she was provided with some of his ashes, the Dallas Morning News reported.
     Michael, Patrick and Sharon Shelby, all of Dallas, sued Dallas County Medical Examiner Jeffrey Barnard for their father’s body in Dallas County Court on May 16. Shelby died on May 10 in Dallas at 89. Cleo Shelby intervened in the suit on May 18.
     The children claimed their father signed a document directing his cremation and other arrangements after his death, but Barnard refused to give them the body.
     Shelby’s body remained in limbo at the Dallas County morgue for more than 2 months.
     The medical examiner filed an answer and a motion to dismiss in June, asking the judge to throw out the complaint because he has official and sovereign immunity. An agreed judgment and settlement was entered on July 31.
     Shelby was born in Leesburg in 1923. He is best known for designing and building high-performance sports cars for Ford since the 1960s.
     In 2003, he formed custom carmaker Carroll Shelby International. He was a member of the winning team at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in 1959 and competed in the Formula One World Championship in 1958 and 1959.

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