Carnie Wilson Wants $277,500 for Extra Hours

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – The Game Show Network owes former Wilson Phillips member Carnie Wilson $277,500 for the extra hours she spent filming her new reality show, “Unstapled,” Love Beyond Inc. claims in Superior Court.

     Love Beyond says it “agreed to provide the services of its employee Carnie Wilson” for six weeks of episodes, for $20,000 per episode. The network allegedly agreed to film no more than six hours a day, four days a week for six weeks.
     But the network took 53 days to wrap up production instead of 24, more than double the amount of time represented, Love Beyond claims.
     The Game Show Network also spent an average of nine hours filming each day instead of six, and “there were days that GSN spent more than 11 hours per day shooting,” the lawsuit states.
     Though the former pop singer endured the extra work “without any complaint,” Love Beyond says the network has “at no time paid for the excess hours per day, or the excess days of shooting.”
     “Accordingly, at the rate of $5,000 per day, which is the daily rate of said contract … GSN owes to (Wilson) the additional amount of $277,500 with legal interest thereon from the final day of shooting,” the company claims.
     Filming began in August 2009 and ended this February, according to the complaint.
     Love Beyond says the original end date was last Thanksgiving.
     The company is represented by Jay Coggan of Coggan & Tarlow.
     “Unstapled” is about Wilson’s life as a working mother, according to media reports, and the title is a reference to her gastric bypass surgery in 1999.

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