Candidate’s ‘Deportation Bus’ Raises Eyebrows In Georgia

(CN) – A gubernatorial candidate’s use of “deportation bus” in his campaign across Georgia drew inspired criticism and consternation this week as its occupant threatened to round up undocumented immigrants in the state’s sanctuary towns.

“Danger!  Murders, Rapists, Kidnappers , Child Molesters and Other Criminals On Board … Follow Me To Mexico” are phrases that appear in white lettering the campaign bus touting the candidacy of Republican State Senator Michael Williams. The bus is visiting Georgia’s sanctuary cities in the days leading up to the state primary election on May, 22.

Williams is one of five GOP candidates vying to be Georgia’s next governor. The other candidates are Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, former State Senator Hunter Hill, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp and retired Navy Seal Clay Tippins.

In an interview with 11Alive of Atlanta published on YouTube Williams explained the reference to Mexico on his bus is not racist but is there because he says that is where the majority of the nation’s undocumented immigrants cross the border. In the interview he said his deportation bus is not targeting all immigrants, but it is targeting on those who are undocumented and criminals.

“If you’re not breaking the law, what’s to be scared of?” he asked as he pointed to his gray prison style deportation bus.

In a campaign video Williams claims his goal is to fill the bus with illegal immigrants and “to send them back to from where they came from” instead of merely tracking them and “watching them roam around our state.”

In the video Williams states his bus is not just another “pansy political campaign bus.” He said on his website viewers can find his 27-point deportation plan and a list of sites for upcoming stops for his bus tour.

On Tuesday while in DeKalb County the police received an anonymous tip that alleged the deportation bus visit had drawn violent protesters, but no such activity had occurred, according to county spokesperson Andrew Cauthen.

“Upon arrival DeKalb police did not observe any or criminal activity and no reports were made by the Williams’ campaign or other attendees,” he said.

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