California Objects to ‘Got Breastmilk?’ Stickers

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – California claims the Texas Sticker Company swiped its “Got Milk?” trademark to make “Got Breastmilk?” stickers, which the for-profit company offers in interstate commerce.

     The commissioner of the California Department of Food and Agriculture says the California Milk Processor Board created the “Got Milk?” campaign and trademark, and the sticker company is diluting it and creating confusion.
     The sticker company is a for-profit organization. Its Web site states, “Sorry, we cannot duplicate any registered or trademarked logos,” California says in its federal complaint.
     The Milk Board’s “Got Milk?” campaign has been so popular it was quickly licensed to numerous retailers nationwide – but not to the Texas Sticker Company.
     The sticker company and its general operators, Dana and Jerry Chambliss, have no business selling the stickers, especially to Californians, the state claims.
     California alleges false designation of origin, and trademark infringement and dilution. It wants Texas Sticker enjoined from using the logo and ordered to destroy or surrender all the stickers bearing the breastmilk phrase.

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