Cabinet Authorized to|Enforce Iran Sanctions

     WASHINGTON (CN) – As part of implementing the gasoline sanctions that President Obama and Congress imposed on Iran in July, Obama delegated the authority to impose specific sanctions to several department and agency executives including the Secretaries of State, Treasury and Commerce.

     The sanctions, imposed under the Iran Sanctions Act, penalize firms that help Iran import gasoline or assist Iran in developing its domestic refining capabilities. The ban extends to firms that provide insurance for ships that carry gasoline to Iran, banks and clearing houses that process the payments on sales of gasoline or refinery parts, and to the refineries, brokers or producers of gasoline of refinery equipment.
     Delegation of authority by the president to the heads of executive agencies is a routine practice in implementation of laws as, for the sake of convenience, rather than listing all of the individual agencies that might have a hand in carrying out a law, the president is invested with the authority to act and also the power to delegate that authority.

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