Businesswoman Claims O’Reilly|& Van Susteren Defamed Her

     BRONX, N.Y. (CN) – A businesswoman claims in court that Fox News stars Bill O’Reilly defamed her by calling her business “a con” and Greta Van Susteren by calling her “insane,” and that O’Reilly’s reporter compounded the insults by calling her a “little hippy dippy chick.”
     Aviva Nash and her business, Drum Café, sued O’Reilly, “O’Reilly Factor” reporter Juliet Huddy, Fox News and Greta Van Susteren, host of “On the Record,” in Bronx County Supreme Court.
     Nash describes herself in the complaint as a “hard working, legitimate small business owner, engaged in corporate training and team building.”
     She uses drums in her team-building and “corporate drumming” business, according to the Drum Café website.
     She is not a “little hippy dippy chick,” as Huddy called her on the air on July 24, Nash says.
     Nash says that comment is “debasing, demeaning, humiliating, degrading, defaming and denigrating.”
     She claims O’Reilly defamed her on the same show, calling her business a “con.”
     O’Reilly claimed to be examining allegations of corruption in the General Services Administration in his July 24 show, Nash says.
     She claims he showed a clip of her at a training session, and that O’Reilly and Huddy criticized what they called a $270,000 “21st century Kumbaya.”
     Nash claims Van Susteren defamed her on the July 19 broadcast of “On the Record,” by accusing her of “stealing” and being “insane.”
     On Van Susteren’s show, which also featured the Drum Café, U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham called the purchase of 40,000 sets of drumsticks a “blatant abuse,” Nash says.
     Van Susteren replied: “When you say ‘blatant abuse,’ I say stealing,” according to a transcript attached to the complaint.
     Nash seeks damages for defamation, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Richard Ancowitz, of Albany.

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