Bulls’ Derrick Rose Wants|Accuser’s Parents Deposed

     SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) — Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose asked a federal judge on Monday to force the parents of a woman accusing him and his friends of drugging and gang-raping her to be deposed.
     The former National Basketball Association MVP says the plaintiff in a $21 million lawsuit against him withheld text messages that proved their sexual relationship was consensual and that he should be able to question the plaintiff’s parents about her “traditional, religious upbringing.”
     Rose says the unnamed plaintiff bought sex toys and asked him to come over late one night for “more consensual interaction,” and that the lawsuit should be immediately dismissed.
     “This is not a rape case,” Rose said in the filing Monday. “It’s pure and simple extortion by a plaintiff who does not want anyone to be deposed because every lay witness in the case will shred plaintiff’s story.”
     Rose’s accuser filed an anonymous civil complaint against him and his friends Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton in LA Superior Court in August. She accuses the men of spiking her tequila drink at a Beverly Hills party in 2013 and later breaking into her apartment and gang-raping her.
     Jane Doe says she didn’t file a criminal complaint because she felt embarrassed and that she feared retaliation. Her civil claims include sexual battery, battery, trespass, conspiracy, gender violence and emotional distress.
     The lawsuit was moved to Federal Court in the Central District of California and is currently in the discovery phase.
     Along with the parents’ deposition, Rose has asked the court to force Doe to reveal her identity. Rose argues that because Doe mentions her upbringing in the 25-page complaint and is suing for emotional distress, he has the right to ask her parents about her upbringing.
     “She has waived her privacy rights by putting her emotional condition at issue,” Rose states.
     Doe argues that being forced to reveal her identity could prohibit future rape victims from coming out against their celebrity attackers. Her attorneys have accused Rose of attacking her morals in order to “perpetuate incorrect myths about sexual assault.”
     Rose, 27, says he sent the parents meet-and-confer letters but that they failed to appear for their depositions. According to Monday’s filing, Doe’s mother is confined to a wheelchair and has requested the deposition take place at her residence in Stockton, California.
     The accuser’s former roommate and co-worker at the time of the alleged rape submitted a declaration on Rose’s behalf in December.
     “I believe Jane Doe’s efforts to extort money from Derrick Rose based on sham allegations is unfair and inappropriate,” Keyana LaVergne said in the declaration.
     The NBA star has repeatedly denied the rape allegations, claiming that the two were in a long-term relationship. He says that on the night of the alleged rape Doe sent him text messages about a “sex belt” and never mentioned the alleged rape to him the next day.
     “The texts clearly show plaintiff being adventurous, buying a sex belt to have fun with Mr. Rose,” the filing states. “She asked Mr. Rose for reimbursement for her cab fares and the sex toys she purchased, and mentioned only that she had a hangover and had to get to work.”
     Rose’s attorney, Mark Baute of Baute Crochetiere & Gilford in Los Angeles, has called the lawsuit a desperate shake down attempt “without any factual basis.”

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