Bronx Man ‘Sold’ as Baby|Seeks Name Change

     (CN) – A Bronx man has asked the local court to change his name, claiming his mother told him that he was “sold” as a baby in 1947 by neighbors “who had an unwanted pregnancy.”

     Albert Higgins grew up in the Bronx, raised by Albert and Mary Higgins. Just before Mary passed away in 1995, she allegedly told Higgins that he was not who he thought he was.
     Mary revealed that Higgins’ real name was Garry Edward Swingle. She told him that Alfred had “purchased” him as a baby from neighbors Harold R. Swingle and Dorothy Herman, “who had an unwanted pregnancy.”
     Higgins also learned that while his birthday of Aug. 15 was correct, he was two years younger than he thought. He was originally told that he was born in 1945.
     Higgins works as a commercial driver with a hazardous materials license, so he asked the court for a corrected birth certificate to prove his U.S. Citizenship to the Department of Homeland Security.

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