Brian Urlacher Tells Sports Dealer to Pay Up

CHICAGO (CN) – Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher says a sports memorabilia company unfairly terminated a 4-year contract just days after he suffered a wrist injury that Dreams Inc. inaccurately described as “career ending.” Urlacher, who dislocated his wrist in the Sept. 13 season opener against the Packers, demands the $600,000 due on the final year of his contract.

     Urlacher, a Pro Bowl defenseman, denies that his injury is “career ending.” He says his contract with Dreams runs from 2007 to 2011 and the injury will not prevent him from making appearances and “autograph photos, jerseys and other sports memorabilia.” Urlacher says he has turned down other offers to honor his agreement with Dreams.
     Two days after this year’s season opener, Urlacher says, Dreams sent him a letter terminating their agreement. Urlacher, whose No. 54 jersey is a big seller in Chicago, says this is not the first time that Dreams has tried to “wiggle out” of their contract. He calls the letter another “attempt to avoid its financial obligations” to him.
     Urlacher says he “does not have a mental or physical condition that prevents him from carrying out his duties,” has not missed out on the “NFL regular season” and has not sustained a “career ending injury.”
     He demands that Dreams honor the agreement and pay him the remaining $600,000 from his contract.
     He is represented by David Rammelt with K&L Gates.

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