Boy Claims Cop Sexually Abused Him for Months

     BOISE, Idaho (CN) – A Caldwell police officer abused his position as a high school resource officer to sexually abuse a boy for months, the student claims in Federal Court.
     Plaintiff B.N. claims his abuser, Ruben Delgadillo, was convicted in 2011 of felony injury to a child – the plaintiff.
     B.N. also sued Caldwell police Officer Mike Larimer, who he claims was Delgadillo’s roommate during the months of sexual abuse, and knew it was happening but failed to stop it.
     B.N. says Delgadillo worked as a resource officer at Vallivue High School, and was a member of the school’s suspension board.
     The school and school district are not parties to the case.
     B.N. says Delgadillo met him when he was 15, through a school expulsion hearing. Afterward, Delgadillo approached B.N.’s mother and offered to mentor her son. She agreed, trusting Delgadillo because he was a policeman, B.N. says.
     Next, “Delgadillo groomed (B.N.) on a daily basis,” the complaint states. “Delgadillo would pick (B.N.) up from (B.N.’s) home and would take him jogging, back to Delgadillo’s house, and even on ride-alongs in his police cruiser.”
     “Delgadillo began having (B.N.) spend the night with him at Delgadillo’s house and in Delgadillo’s bed.
     “Delgadillo repeatedly fondled (B.N.) in a sexual manner.
     “Delgadillo repeatedly engaged in intercourse with (B.N.) while (B.N.) was a minor.
     “(B.N.) was a minor child while this abuse was occurring.
     “The sexual abuse occurred dozens of times over a period of months.
     “(B.N.) even pretended to be asleep to avoid confrontations with Delgadillo, due to fear for his safety, as Delgadillo was an officer of the law.
     “Delgadillo told (B.N.) that he had ties to gangs, intimidating (B.N.) into remaining silent.”
     During this time, Officer Larimer, who lived with Delgadillo, “was aware of the inappropriate relationship between Delgadillo and (B.N.) but allowed it to continue,” according to the complaint.
     It adds: “Larimer was, or should have been, aware that (B.N.) was being molested.
     “Larimer was, or should have been, aware that Delgadillo was using his position to solicit and obtain sex from a minor child.
     “Larimer did not intervene or report Officer Delgadillo’s actions, despite being his supervising officer.
     “Larimer witnessed Delgadillo rubbing oils over (B.N.’s) body and did nothing to protect (B.N.).
     “Larimer left (B.N.) to be sexually assaulted by an officer under his supervision.
     “(B.N.) did not report Delgadillo because was in fear he would be retaliated against if he did not allow the abuse, because Delgadillo and his roommate, Larimer, were ‘the police.'”
     B.N. says the abuse made him feel “filthy and humiliated,” and “sick, scared and confused.”
     B.N. says he finally reported the abuse to the state police, after which Delgadillo resigned from the police force, and was prosecuted, and convicted.
     B.N. seeks punitive damages.
     He is represented by Curtis McKenzie, of Boise.

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