Boxer Says BALCO Founder’s Book Libels Him

     NEW YORK (CN) – BALCO founder Victor Conte plans to libel professional boxer Shane Mosley Jr. in a September 2008 book “about his life as a peddler of steroids,” Mosley claims in New York Supreme Court.

     Mosley and Conte have been swapping lawsuits over the crucial question of whether Mosley knew that Conte’s training regimen included banned substances. Mosley claims the supplements Conte told him to take were healthy and legal for athletes. However, Conte told New York Daily News reporters that Mosley “knew precisely what (he) was using,” and that “(i)t was all explained up front and there was no deception.”
     In 2005 Conte pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to distribute steroids and was sentenced to four months in prison and four months on house arrest.
     In the spring of 2008, Conte allegedly inked a deal with New York-based Skyhorse Publishing to write a tell-all book about his involvement in the steroid scandal.
     Mosley says Conte lied to Skyhorse about Mosley’s use of BALCO products, and claims the publisher plans to include the false allegations in what is sure to be a high-selling book.
     He demands at least $2 million for the alleged libel and slander, plus another $10 million in punitive damages. Judd Burnstein is his attorney.

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