Border Patrolman Sues ICE For Bizarre Search

     TUCSON (CN) – A Border Patrol agent says three Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers forced him off the road in rural Arizona and held him at gunpoint while they illegally searched his truck. Jess Cabe says ICE agents forced him off the road and pointed guns at his head while he was in uniform.

     Jess Cabe, a Border Patrol agent based in Nogales, sued three unnamed ICE agents in Federal Court, saying the 2007 incident has left him with posttraumatic stress disorder and other injuries.
     Cabe says he was on his way to work at around 10:45 p.m. when two vehicles approached him from behind near Arivaca, a tiny town just north of the U.S.-Mexico border southwest of Tucson. He was driving his own truck and was dressed in his Border Patrol uniform, Cabe says.
     The vehicles pinched him off the road, and three gunmen jumped out and pointed their weapons at his head, Cabe says.
     Cabe claims he identified the agents by the small ICE patches on their clothing, but they were otherwise out of uniform and driving unmarked vehicles.
     “As the man approached from the pickup, he yelled out ‘La Migra’ (a border patrol or law enforcement officer) to the other two individuals, referring to Cabe,” according to the complaint. “That individual continued to approach the vehicle, and ordered Cabe to open the door and trunk of his vehicle. Cabe, fearing for his life, complied.”
     Cabe say the men searched his truck without probable cause or a warrant, then let him go.
     Cabe says he reported to work and told his supervisor what had happened. His supervisor said that “I.C.E. agents were working in the general area on a covert operation,” according to the complaint.
     Cabe seeks a jury trial and unspecified damages. He is represented by David Quantz.

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